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Empowering Boards and Leadership Teams of Tomorrow

Trusted Services' digital planning, communication, and collaboration platform for your Board Activity Management, and seamlessly integrated with our optional SmartSign module for eSignatures.


Designed for excellent ease of use by all Board stakeholders including Directors, Corporate Secretaries, Managers and even Auditors.

Designed, built, supported, and continuously enhanced in Singapore by Corporate Secretaries and Board stakeholders with decades of experience.

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Built for secure, collaborative planning and decision-making, anytime, anywhere.

Meets business, legal and regulatory requirements now and in the future.


If you have any questions, email us at or call us at +65 6909 7001.


Secure access to digital documents on your device, on the go.


Quicker scheduling with Smart Meeting Scheduler.


Per-entity repository for statutory register and corporate records.


Act securely on resolutions with electronic signatures and multi-factor authentication.


Reduce paper waste and improve your carbon footprint.


Developed, hosted and supported locally, we provide flexible and efficient response time for your evolving boardroom requirements.

Key Features

Manage multiple boards from one application with one set of credentials.

Optional Intelligent Corporate Database for seamless maintenance and update of your Company's statutory and non-statutory registers.


Stay informed with real time notifications.

Optional Director’s Disclosure module for statutory reporting of appointments, shareholdings, and interests, in compliance with Sections 156 and 165 of the Singapore Companies Act.

Fully featured and secured to support you


Directors and Administrators can recuse themselves from committee activities or meetings due to conflict of interest.


Enable Auditors to have managed access to statutory records for audit purposes.


Collaboration and messaging between Directors, Corporate Secretaries, and Senior Management.


Empowering personal assistants to manage relevant actions on the Directors’ behalf. more interactive features to enhance your in-person or virtual board meeting experience!

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Empower your leadership teams with Board Activity management application for effective and efficient corporate governance.

If you have any questions, email us at or call us at +65 6909 7001.

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